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Driving through regional Australia for the majority of the past week, I’ve come to once again appreciate the uniqueness of Australia’s greenery. Against the harsh climate of the outback, its greens are subdued with shades of olive and gold and the land is dry with amber rubble. It was therefore fitting that L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing was my fragrance of choice for this little road trip.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing is described as a “magical evocation of the circus”, its quirkiness represented on its label by a drawing of a circus performer riding a tiger. I remember being quite taken aback when I first sniffed this several years ago. it was simply different from anything I’ve ever encountered bottled up. Dzing opens up unapologetically with intense notes of leather, woods and civet. A soft powdery hay vanillic undertone soon appears and it remains this way for quite a while. However, this soft sweetness is never really allowed to shine as it is constantly challenged by sharp wafts of wood polish interweaving itself into the mix. Unfortunately for me, Dzing is short-lived on my skin, lasting for only about four hours.

I can see Dzing’s circus connotations, but to me, it reminds me more of a polished wooden trunk housed in a farmyard barn. Dzing is not a pretty scent. I feel it to be anti-social and often wear it when I’m alone. It doesn’t aim to please. It simply is what it is and kicks ass because of that.

On a side note, Kasey Chamber’s Not Pretty Enough popped into my head as I was writing this. There was no escape from it when it was released in Australia. Listening to it now, it simply reminds me how popular music has changed.