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Damn! In a good way. That was how I more or less felt when I first smelled this on a salesperson. I often read about how people say that when they wear this or that perfume, complete strangers will approach them and ask what scent they are wearing. Well, that never ever happens to me. Perhaps it’s because I’m aloof and unapproachable and/or my fragrances are not the most crowd-pleasing. That time however, I was that stranger who actually plucked up the courage to ask the salesperson what she was wearing, whereupon she promptly led me to Daim Blond and introduced me to the world of Serge Lutens. And what a world it is, although I must admit that I have trouble keeping up with all the regular (yearly?) new releases.

Before I even understood what “daim” actually meant, I already thought that Daim Blond was the softest suede I’ve ever encountered. It was only after wearing it several times did I pick up a slight apricot note. In my mind, that translates as the fuzzy ombre orange-red colour of apricot skin, rather than the actual juicy fruit. Daim Blond settles the way it starts, but with added comforting notes of iris and musk. I don’t ever find it cloying the way some other Serge Lutens scents can be. Two sprays on me is enough, especially if one is just on my chest and I get wafts of soft leather throughout the day for my own enjoyment.

Since Daim Blond, I have acquired several other Serge Lutens scents and had the opportunity to visit Les Salons du Palais Royale whilst in Paris. My experience there was no different from what I’ve come to learnt of in reviews post-visit: lovely in every aspect. It is a good thing that I live in a land far far far away. Otherwise, my bank balance would be shouting out “Damn” too.