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Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranee

Hermes Un Jardin En Mediterranée is a captivating scent. Conceived as “a walk through a dappled Mediterranean garden”, Mediterranée never fails to cheer me up a little. It transports me to a place so far away from work that it almost feels wrong wearing this to the office.

Mediterranée opens up with the freshness of lemon rind and the greenness of tomato and fig leaves along with some sharpness of unripe mango. The green mango note reminds me a lot of its relative in the same Garden Series by Hermes, Un Jardin Sur Le Nil. I adore these first few spritzes the best, although some I’m sure enjoy it less (e.g. Olfactoria’s review of this scent). If anyone knows of a fragrance that sustains these opening notes, do let me know!

The fleeting top notes soon gives way to the creamy heart of the scent. It is definitely a full fleshy fruit, too strong and sweet for a natural fig, more like fig on steroids. Florals and subtle woods also add depth to it. If this were a walk through a garden, it certainly has to be quite a damp garden. I’m not too sure what causes this but it is this dewy aspect that keeps it interesting for me and sets it apart from other fig scents. The whole scent doesn’t last too long, half a day at most. But before bowing out altogether, a slight sour note appears – nothing nasty, but rather adding to the realistic “fruity” aspect of the scent.

Amongst Hermes’ Garden Series scents, I easily enjoy Mediterranée the most. I find it versatile and charming, every bit as lovely as it was conceived to be.