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Eau de Parfum, Perfume, Fragrance

When the house is filled with sunlight, sans humidity, all I want to do sometimes is just douse myself with Fresh Brown Sugar. It’s everything you would think it’ll be, light and cheerful, infinitely wearable.

One spray delivers a hefty dose of juice. Lemon and sugar hits you immediately, with some light florals and amber to add warmth to the dry down. More than anything, it smells more like lemonade without the fizz. Like most Fresh scents, tenacity seems to be a bit of a problem. Even for an Eau de Parfum, Brown Sugar’s projection becomes surprisingly weak after two hours, though a warm lemon scent does linger on the skin for quite a while more. No matter, re-spritz away!

I was curious as to how Brown Sugar actually compares to the real thing so I took a big sniff of a pack of brown sugar in my pantry. If anything, I was reminded of how complex the smell of actual brown sugar is: a sweetness rounded with the warmth of caramel and a slight bitter edge. Especially compared side by side, “Brown Sugar” seems to be a bit of a misnomer as it becomes more obvious that it lacks the depth of the scent of molasses present in the natural substance. I actually don’t mind this one bit and appreciate its simplicity. In fact, there’s an innocence about it that tends to conjure up childhood memories for me.

I always find myself lured to Fresh counters by their myriad of pretty little bottles, scented candles and soaps, all laid out there just pleading to be sniffed. I often spritz the scents on tester strips and sometimes on my skin. I must be the most annoying customer because I always leave empty-handed, because as pretty as their scents are, many of them are just too sweet, almost to the point of cloyingness. Still, considering my inexplicable fascination with all things Fresh, I’m quite happy to be proven wrong though…. any takers?