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Look at what arrived in the mail today! I’ve purchased Tauer fragrance samples before but never directly from the Andy Tauer website. If you can’t tell, I’m pretty excited because I really didn’t expect the Discovery Set to be housed in such gorgeous packaging. Ok, so I’m a sucker for all things that look nice. You can pick and choose five different scents for the set. I chose a mixture of some that I’ve sampled previously like Lonestar Memories and Incense Rose and others that are new to me, Une Rose Chypree, Orange Star and the collectible, Zeta.

Tauer Perfumes samplesThe Discovery Set is housed in a sturdy and smart metal box that ensures all its contents remain in mint condition.
Tauer Perfumes samples

The metal lid then cleverly slides open to reveal spray cards, five individual scent descriptor cards and the perfume samples housed under them.Tauer Perfumes samplesThe turquoise in the inner case is a nice touch. Slight indentations in the case hold the vials in place. How impressive is the packaging!

First thing that came into my mind (apart from “wow”) was “thoughtful”. The Discovery Set really houses everything in perfect condition and is so easy to use and store away. How refreshing as well to find all the scent notes provided for each scent, as head, heart and body notes, as well as ingredients listings. To top it all off for me, spray vials… yes! Unlike other perfume sample vials, this means that I don’t need to fiddle around with those little plastic stopper things that inevitably gets precious juice all over my fingertips and/or spilling all over those miniature vials.

The Discovery Set was very reasonably priced and I’m excited to be able to sniff more Tauer scents. More on the actual scents later but for now, suffice to say, a full bottle of an Andy Tauer fragrance seems almost imminent.