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Olivia Giacobetti

Amongst all my perfumes, Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle En Passant reminds me the most of a visit to the florist, where apart from the obvious beauty of so many different flowers, I enjoy being engulfed by the heady mix of blooms, freshly cut stems, leaves and water.

Editions De Parfums Frederic Malle En Passant When writing about a scent, I usually make notes of all I smell as the day progresses before continuing with some research on the scent. The following day, I then spray the scent on again then start writing about what I smell, referencing notes from the day before. Looking at my notes, well, what can I say? It didn’t really help me very much at all this time. I can’t detect any cucumber, bread, wheat, or orange tree leaves notes as in other reviews (Now Smell This, I Smell Therefore I Am, The Scented Salamander). Very much like Olfactoria’s Travels review, all I detect is lilac. But what a lilac it is. It begins indolic but soon morphs into the scent of old-school florists: blooms, water-soaked and freshly cut stems, with a hint of grass. More than anything, it smells damp, the way I always remember lilacs smelling and it stays this way for several hours.

The scent is strong too. Two squirts on me is plenty, three squirts becomes slightly suffocating. At the end of the day, when shower water runs down the part of my neck where I sprayed En Passant, the scent is revived again and for a while, it strangely smells and feels soapy. In fact, this soapiness has such tenacity that it takes some scrubbing to completely remove all traces of it from my skin. Far from being a scrubber though, I enjoy wearing En Passant, on cloudy days, summer days, or simply to re-create my own hyperreal florist.

The author behind En Passant is Olivia Giabcobetti. Looking at a list of her work, I am amazed by how many of her perfumes I have unknowingly amassed or coveted over all these years. I guess it just took Frederic Malle and his exceptional Editions De Parfums line to really shine a spotlight on Olivia Giabcobetti’s talent and make me a true groupie.