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Huitieme Art Sucre d'Ebene Lucky Scent SampleFirstly, a big Happy Holidays to everyone. I hope it was immensely enjoyable and refreshing. 2012 was a year of firsts for me, including writing about scents and moving to live in Sydney. You readers have been so nice and supportive of me that I’d like to say a sincere Thanks to you all. Your feedback and interaction always make me smile. My resolution for 2013 is to write more often: scent of the day, samples, single fragrances, scented products, the occasional rant… to put more thoughts to words!

I’ve abandoned my original idea (more on that in a later post) and decided instead to talk about Sucre d’Ebene de Parfum by Huitieme Art. As I eagerly sniffed through my latest LuckyScent samples, Sucre d’Ebene immediately stood out from the lot. At very first whiff, I was immediately transported back to a shop that I used to frequent during my university days. It sold all sorts of incenses, fragrant oils, accessories and clothing that can probably be best described as colourful potato sacks. I guess you could call it a hippie shop. But it was there that I learnt to differentiate between petitgrain, orange blossom, cedarwood, frankincense and countless other fragrant oils. Sucre d’Ebene strangely enough conjures up an almost exact replica of the entire shop’s scent and for that reason alone already holds a special place in my heart.

As a fragrance though, Sucre d’Ebene is certainly odd possibly because I associate it more with an actual place rather than something I’d like to wear. It’s a sweet benzoin, which is normally right up my alley but there are certainly other spices lurking that adds to its quirky character. More sprays result in a scent not too far off from Fresh’s Brown Sugar, albeit a darker cousin. It certainly scores points for being different from other incense-themed fragrances that I’ve encountered. The packaging of the scent looks handsome too and unusual, definitely highly covetable. If anyone has seen it in person, I’d definitely be curious to hear your thoughts on its looks and feel.

redimlive.php.htmlImage taken from http://uk.huitiemeartparfums.com/creations_2_sucre-d-ebene__parfum-sucre-ebene.html