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Carine Roitfeld is an undoubted force in the fashion world. I was intrigued when I read on fashionista.com that she trademarked a fragrance and beauty range under the name “Forgive Me”. I can’t quite remember a perfume name in recent history that packed such a powerful punch. It practically drips with sentimentality and emotion. Grace, remorse, regret, it has it all.

Are perfume names important? Sure, I sometimes get a chuckle or two from Etat Libre d’Orange’s perfume names like Fat Electrician or Delicious Closet Queen. I also love CB I Hate Perfume wonderfully evocative fragrance names like At The Beach 1966 or Memory of Kindness. But none of them have made me want to seek them out as much as Forgive Me might. Looking at my own collection, it seems that the majority of them have descriptive names more than anything else.

Now that Forgive Me has my attention, it’s of course left me wondering what it would smell like. Gucci has given us Envy. But forgiveness? What would you imagine forgiveness to smell like?

Image taken from iwanttobearoitfeld.com